I have a Bachelor’s in English from Ohio University and an Associate Degree in Graphic Design from the Illinois Institute of Art. I am a creator/owner of Chicago-area comic book company Dread Arts Company (www.dreadartscompany.com), which I contribute to as a writer, illustrator, letterer, designer and publisher on The Exquisite Corpse Collection (a horror anthology) and Modern Tales of the Future (a science-fiction anthology).

I previously wrote a film and television review column (Dailies) at Quark Magazine (quarkmagazine.com), and play/have played in bands such as Gunner’s Daughter, Turnspit, Love And Squalor, Marathon Runner and a personal solo project under my full name (Jason Douglass Swearingen).

Though I have followed many paths in my life, illustration is the one constant I have had. Over the past few years, both at work and at home, I have honed my craft and learned a wide variety of illustration styles and production techniques. This portfolio is a representation of what I can do, and it's title is a rather simple reference to the two things I tend to always return to in my art: bright colors and dirt.

If you are interested in any of my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love to talk to and learn from everyone I can.

email: brightcolorsanddirt@gmail.com